I studied a Diploma of Holistic Counselling with the Awakening Group.

Holistic Counselling is not a traditional ‘talk and listen’ style of counselling.  Yes, talking and listening are important and still relevant, however additionally in Holistic Counselling we focus on each clients innate ability to access their own healing, through our support and guidance and by using active processes to work through blockages, addictions, stories, overpowering emotions, even illness that may be caused or made worse by the conscious mind. Many of the techniques are from the leaders in the Psychobiological Field, who are Drs and heads of Learning institutes with over 30 years of study and development in Neural Science, Human Biological Science, Thought field etc

E.g. Stan Tatking ( the PACT institute ), Dr Jane Petersen PHD, Candice Pert ( Molecules of Emotions ), NICABm, Dr Peter Levine, Diane Poole Heller ( on attachment Styles ), Eckart Tolle etc

In this instance the word Holisitic  in front of counsellor implies a focus on Conscious and Subconscious mind, body ( where we hold and block emotions and energy ) and spirit or soul. When you work with me you are taking an active role in your own transformation : the more committed you are, the bigger the success and transformation.

Below are a few examples of the processes available when we work together.

Modalities on offer
  • Hypnotherapy, stop smoking, permanent weight loss, performance enhancement and stress removal
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • Energy Psychology Therapies – Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT) – Dissolution Freedom Technique, EMDR, Thought Field Therapy
  • Creative Visualisations ( including reclaiming the Inner Child )
  • Guided Meditations – Soul Meditations, Meditations for guidance, Systemic Meditations, Meditations for manifesting
  • Systemic Constellations – Structural, Body Sculpturing, Family, Adoption
  • Effective Communication and Communicating your Essential Message without fear
  • Exploring Boundaries, Attachments styles, creating healthy relationships ( Work of Stan Tatkin )
  • Releasing Trauma – Peter Levine’s 9 step process.
  • …..And more as appropriate.