About Rosey


Sunflowers are the emblem for my therapy practice, I grow them in my garden and I love the way they face the sun as it moves across the summer sky.

To me they represent :

  • Constant change
  • Choice - to live in the light or sink in the dark
  • Faith - it doesn't matter which way they are planted, they have the ability to move and face the light
  • They remain deeply rooted in the soil, connected to mother earth / Gaia and yet they grow tall and strong searching for the warmth and light
  • Connection - you never see a sunflower on its own! and they move to face the sun as one
Sunflowers end up facing the sun

Introducing Rosey Meads

Hi, I'm Rosey,

My journey has been a roller coaster and also rich and rewarding! 

I was left at hospital for adoption when I was 3 days old, and adopted when I was 3 weeks old, I hold the primal wound of abandonment in my body, mind and spirit and have spent the last 10+ years healing this wound, creating new neural pathways and working on my mind, body and spirit to achieve emotional maturity, to feel visible, to no longer be terrified of being on my own, and to find compassion for the family who gave me away.

When you work with me you are accessing many years of study, learning, self-work, and over $100k spent discovering the best active techniques available for healing and personal growth.                                                    

My therapeutic practice is formed from my own personal journey of : 

Liberation from ancestral trauma

Repairing a severe break in the bond with mother ( from the primal wound of abandonment )

Learning to find true self instead of living according to other people’s stories about who I was or should be

Freeing myself from living according to the belief systems I developed as a young child

Healing the wounded inner child

Releasing the belief that I had to ‘earn’ love and security

As a healed adoptee I carry the intergenerational trauma and wisdom of two sets of families!

It's a burden and an honor !

Family Constellations helped me to achieve peace, balance and to find ME!

I can offer a wide range of healing and therapeutic techniques that really work - I call them Active Therapy, because you- the client take a very active role in your healing - this work is only for those of you who are sick of living the same patterns and are ready to shift, grow and create a life that you really want to live, a life that you really want to wake up to each and every day!

When we find ourselves beyond the daily busyness and  beyond the layers of stories about who we are, then we are living 'Authentically'

What is so positive about living Authentically?

“Authentic people know themselves; they are able to listen to their inner voice, they understand the complexities of their own feelings and they have faced up to the truth about themselves. They have realistic perceptions of reality, are in the whole accepting of themselves and others, are thoughtful and are able to learn and grow from their mistakes.”

You can work with me as follows

Online using Zoom Video Software

The Natural Health & Wellness clinic
12 Eramosa Rd Somerville East
03 5977 7342

Healing and Relaxing sound bath meditations on the Mornington Peninsula (watch meet up for times & locations)

Once a month in Mansfield (North East VIC – High Country)

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