Introducing Rosey Meads

Rosemary Meads

When you work with me you are accessing over 10+ years of study, mindfulness & healing practices and apprenticeships and over $100k spent on learning and growing.

Formed from a personal journey of liberation from ancestral trauma, a severe break in the bond with mother ( through adoption), emotional baggage, other people’s stories about who I was or should be, a strong mind and ego created to protect and enable a new born baby to survive in a foreign place with strangers, a severely wounded inner child, the belief that I had to ‘earn’ love and a soul so hidden and silent it took 46 years to really connect and listen.

Come and work supported and resourced in a healing partnership that enables you to face the wounds and heal them permanently, in a place of humility, honesty, confidentiality and a range of healing therapies, where we find the processes that unlock your personal potential and enable you to live as The Essential You.

You can work with me as follows:

Online using Zoom Video Software

The Green Room on the Mornington Peninsula

In the Professional rooms in Eastbourne House (East Melbourne)

Once a month in Mansfield (North East VIC – High Country)