Counselling and Family Constellations Therapy

The Essential You was formed by Rosey Meads who is an Holistic Counsellor, Family Constellations Facilitator, Reiki Master / Teacher, Pellowah Energy Worker. She has a degree in Visual Arts and spent over 12 years studying Piano, Cello, Guitar & Musicianship.

Rosey is down to earth and grounded having worked in senior roles in Telecommunications for over 23 years and is also able to work in the ‘field’ of open seeing.

When you work with her to release trauma, repetitive behaviours, anxiety and depression, feelings of being invisible or lost, you are working with someone who has already taken the journey.

My Vision

Enabling clients to live the lives they long for by guiding and supporting them to  Find their essential self.


My Mission

I endeavour to support clients by creating a place of safety and confidentiality, and to walk beside them on their journey of self discovery, releasing old patterns that don’t serve them, and enabling their essential true self to be discovered : a springboard for creating the life they really want to live.

My Promise

  • To work with the utmost respect for the clients journey, their survival methods ( whatever they might be )
  • To hold them in safety
  • To journey alongside them
  • Providing tools, processes, methods of healing and discovery, that enable them to feel and see beyond the pain body, inherited traumas and life stories.  Until they find their essence.

You can work with me as follows

Online using Zoom Video Software

The Green Room on the Mornington Peninsula

In the Professional rooms in Eastbourne House (East Melbourne)

Once a month in Mansfield (North East VIC – High Country)