The Essential You

 Therapy as a partnership with Rosey Meads

“ Healing intergenerational trauma & connecting with our ancestral wisdom

Offering therapy as a partnership & facilitating the power to self-heal

Sharing how to live in infinite potential “ 


 " Keep your face to the sunshine

and you cannot see the shadow,

it's what sunflowers do "

                                                                                                            Helen Keller

What is therapy as a partnership?

 I offer a therapy practice based on years of research and study with access to ancient wisdom &  ancient healing practices combined with the latest in Quantum Physics and Neurobiological science, Holistic Counselling techniques, Family Constellations Therapy and Hypnotherapy– fundamentally it is structured on the premise that each person has the ability to heal themselves from within and live beyond their pain body - sometimes in order to do this we need support, guidance, courage and above all to feel safe - that is my role in this healing partnership, to enable you to grow whilst supporting you and guiding you in safety.


For a free initial 10 minute consultation to see how we can work together and what you want to achieve!

Rosey's Vision & Commitment to You

 I am strongly focused on enabling clients to live the lives they long for by guiding and supporting them to find their essential self, beyond their childhood conclusions that have been formed into a belief system, their inherited ancestral trauma, their past life lessons and present day pains including stress, anger, loneliness, addictive behaviours, sadness, lack of focus or poor performance, and many more. 

I support clients by creating a place of safety and confidentiality, and to walk beside them on their journey of self discovery, releasing old patterns that don’t serve them, and enabling their essential true self to be discovered : a springboard for creating the life they really want to live. We work on present day issues including the nervous system, your inner and outer dialogue, what % of time you create in life for you alone, clearing trauma & ancestral wounds in your DNA inheritance and finding past life lessons that need to be acknowledged and released.

In my practice, therapy is a partnership and each person I can help enable to live with more joy, confidence, good health, mental clarity & spiritual strength – helps to create a higher vibration for all of humanity -that is my life purpose- to enable humans to live together in peace and connedcted-ness




Family Constellations

My Vision

Enabling clients to live the lives they long for by guiding and supporting them to Find THEIR essential self - free from pain, collected stories of who they are & conditioning of society

My Mission

To support clients by creating a place of safety and confidentiality

Healing inter-generational trauma & connecting with our ancestral wisdom

  Offering therapy as a partnership & facilitating the power to self-heal

 Sharing how to live in infinite potential

Rosey Meads - Diamond Light - Here to connect you to the light"

My Promise

To work with the utmost respect for the clients journey, their survival methods ( whatever they might be )  -  To 'hold' them in safety and to journey alongside them providing tools, processes, methods of healing and discovery, that enable them to feel and see beyond their pain body, inherited traumas and life stories.  Until they find their essence, their unique authenticity.

Our happy clients


You can work with me as follows

Online using Zoom Video Software

The Natural Health & Wellness clinic
12 Eramosa Rd Somerville East
03 5977 7342

Healing and Relaxing sound bath meditations on the Mornington Peninsula (watch meet up for times & locations)

Once a month in Mansfield (North East VIC – High Country)

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